The Complete Collection

All East2West pottery is made by hand. The clay body of any given vessel is determined by the theme of the surface treatment. Although most pots are dishwasher and microwave safe, it is recommended that you hand wash for longevity of the piece. ***Please DO NOT microwave or dishwasher wash anything with decals or gold luster.***


El Burro Piñata

The pinata evokes nostalgic feelings of happiness and innocence growing up as a child. It also stirs found memories of a time when my larger-than-life family would get together to celebrate birthdays, momentous events, or just because we felt like eating and drinking together (puro pinche party). You’ll find One of two expressions on the Pinata vessels, either; “puro pinche party” (just fucking party), or “el burro sabe mas que tu” (the donkey knows more than you”).

“El Burro Sabe Mas Que Tu” was adopted from my good friend Megan Huntington, during my time in Wilmington. When I asked if she knew any spanish her response was “the only thing I remember is “el burro sabe mas que tu”.


Mi Tierra

Pottery has always been a part of my childhood. I remember seeing my mother cook beans in the olla (clay pot) every week. She had a botellon de barro(water jug with a cup) mostly for decoration along with other vessels throughout our home. Ceramica was a part of my life before I even knew what it was. The pots I make today are made with black mountain clay and underglaze transfers which are applied on leather hard clay. They are fired with a white liner glaze to cone 10, making them both food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe. This is my modern twist to Mexican pottery.



This collection represents women; soft and feminine yet bold, and fancy as fuck. Made with Coleman porcelain, the smooth, stark white clay lends itself to high contrast imagery with powerful words in black underglaze like; chingona, luchadora, and homegirl. Once the pots have been glazed fired, decals and luster are applied in preparation for a 3rd firing at much lower temperatures. Luchadora cups take and additional 4th firing.

Chingona: badass woman.

Luchadora: a fighter who doesn’t give up.

La Homegirl: Women from the same neighborhood. Identifying with one another for the challenges we face and recognizing the need to speak out about them.